Triple Nozzle Fogger 30 Day Rental for $100 (see details)

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  • $ 300

BioWorld offers our Triple Nozzle Fogger for a 30 day rental. $300 will be paid upfront. $200 will be refunded upon return on the fogger. Use only BioWorld Odor Neutralizer and water in the fogger. Return the fogger to BioWorld in the same shipping box within the rental period. A pre-paid shipping label is included. The time-proven Triple-Nozzle F8026 fogger serves the needs of a wide range of uses for both indoor and outdoor application. The portable F8026 is a "cool mist fogger" -- it handles both water- and oil-based solutions -- and has a one-turn control knob to adjust particle size and degree of misting. The dispensing rate is easy to calibrate in the field to compensate for differences in liquid density or viscosity.

  • Complete Coverage.
  • Easy to use. Just walk around with the fogger or spray into HVAC intake to apply to whole home!
  • 25-30 ft fog of micron size droplets for hard to reach areas like crawl spaces or under foundation.
  • Fine mist. Floats in the air longer to kill odors. Gets in all the nooks and crannys!
  • Time saver! More coverage in less time.