Algae Treatment for Filamentous Algae - 2 x 6 Gal Opt + 12 Algae Microbes

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BioWorld Algae Treatment is designed to efficiently metabolize certain forms of nitrogen and phosphorus in water - essentially robbing these major nutrients from simple plant life without affecting the desired plants and animals in the water. BioWorld suggests treating a pond, lake, or irrigation system with BioWorld Algae Treatment on a weekly basis. When the algae is under control, both the rates and frequency of treatments can be decreased. Our Algae Treatment is the long term solution to balancing the ecosystem in your pond, lake, or water feature.

  • Environmentally Safe and Natural
  • Fish and Wildlife Will Flourish
  • Swim or Irrigate With Confidence
  • Improve the Long-Term Health of Your Pond
  • Improved Water Clarity
  • Easy to Apply

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